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Everyone has a friend with Pro Tools… That’s just the way it is right now. Music makers such as yourself have either put together home studios or are paying for limited time in commercial facilities. This kind of service isn’t enough to make a hit worthy of competing in today’s music industry.
Being in business for over 9 years, I have seen the industry change. Music Works has been mixing and mastering songs for many bands, records labels and others producers for years, and now thanks to the internet, you can benefit from the same award winning creativity too no matter where you live.





If you recorded in Pro Tools, Cubase or Live you can simply upload the session with plugins applied on the audio. If you recorded in any other software you can simply export the wave files. We have a dedicated sFTP server without limit size transfers. (for upload, follow this instructions)

Once you’ve uploaded your tracks and spoken to our engineers about the direction you want to take your songs we’ll begin to mix the project. Mixing is creative process therefore, we make sure to keep you 100% involved throughout the entire process.

When the mix is ready we will send you a link to the full quality mix so you can listen, comment, and make requests. We will then adjust the mix accordingly and send you a new version. We believe that communication is key to getting a great sounding master. 

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